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Fertile Focus News & Media

Fertile Focus on ABC's Health Watch!

Featured nationally on ABC News Health Watch Segment. The news segment that started it all, informing thousands of trying-to-conceive couples throughout the United States about the predictive power of the ovulation microscope and Fertile Focus.

ABC News Ovulation Scope Ferns

Click here to watch ABC News Health Watch Segment on Fertile Focus.
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Fertile Focus in ePregnancy!

Fertile Focus in ePregnancy"Tired of wandering up and down the drugstore aisles trying to figure out which test will let you know hen to lock the bedroom door and begin the baby dance? With Fertile Focus, you can now predict ovulation by looking at your saliva through a microscope. Just before your ovaries release an egg, your body experiences an estrogen surge that causes subtle changes in your saliva. To find out if you'll be ovulating, just place a drop of saliva on the lens and read the pattern. If you see a fern-like pattern, you know you'll be ready to conceive with 72 hours.

Fertile Focus is inexpensive, reusable, and mess-free (unlike urine ovulation tests). Packaged in a small tube that looks like lipstick, you can do this test anywhere. Just don't forget to turn the phone off so you can make the most of this opportunity! Find Fertile Focus online...." - ePregnancy Magazine

Fertile-Focus Review on The WallStreet Journal

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