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Saliva ScopeIntroduction

Fertile-Focus is a personal ovulation microscope that allows you to predict ovulation – your most fertile time of the month to conceive.

When a woman is about to ovulate, her saliva begins to form a distinct crystal, fern-like pattern due to an increase in hormone levels – as seen through Fertile-Focus. This “ferning” pattern begins to appear around 3 to 5 days prior to ovulation, allowing you to predict peak fertility.

Using Fertile-Focus Ovulation Microscope

With Fertile-Focus, PULL the lens from the tube and just add a drop of saliva. Let the sample dry. In about five minutes, view the sample through the microscope. Press the LED light button and focus by turning the eyepiece of the microscope. If you are ovulating - or about to ovulate - a ferning, crystal-like pattern can be viewed. NOTE: Test first thing in the morning using a sublingual saliva sample (fresh from below the tongue). Do not test after eating, drinking, smoking, or brushing teeth.

1 Carefully remove the lens by pulling it out of the casing. Pull the lens - do not unscrew.

Ovulation Microscopes 2 Place a drop of saliva on the surface of the lens. Try to avoid creating air bubbles. Fertility Predictor

3 Allow the saliva sample to dry for at least five minutes and replace the lens into the body of the microscope.

Ovulation Monitor 4 Look into the lens and push the light button to observe the test result. To focus, rotate the lens while bringing it close to the eye. Saliva Ovulation Tests

Interpreting Fertile-Focus Results

With Fertile-Focus, just add a drop of saliva to the lens and let the sample dry. In five minutes, view the sample through the microscope. Press the LED light button and focus by turning the eyepiece of the microscope. If you are ovulating - or about to ovulate - a ferning, crystal-like pattern can be viewed.

Reading Results Ferning Scope
Not Fertile: Simple dot patterns and lines indicate no ovulation. You are not fertile at this time.
Transitional: Small ferning patterns – or crystal forms - appear among the spots and lines. Ovulation may occur in 3-4 days. At this time, conception is possible, though not yet likely.
Fertile: Strong ferning – or crystal – patterns dominate the sample. Ovulation is about to occur or already occurring. At this time, conception is likely. This is your most fertile time of the month. Conception is possible from between 5 days before to 24 hours after ovulation.

For best results, test on a daily basis, preferably first thing in the morning before eating, drinking or brushing your teeth. Track each day's results on a calendar or fertility chart. When you begin to see a ferning pattern, the onset of ovulation is approaching. This is the beginning of your most fertile time to conceive. Click here for Fertile-Focus FAQ

Understanding How Fertile-Focus Works

The science behind Fertile Focus is really quite simple in principle. As you aproach the time of the month when you are most fertile, the level of the hormone estrogen increases in your body (see the blue line below). As the estrogen surge intensifies, so does the concentration of electrolytes (salinity) in your saliva. This is the cause of the crystal ferning patterns that indicate that you may be about to ovulate. By detecting changes in electrolytes in saliva - which are caused by an increase of the hormone estrogen - you can learn when you are most likely to conceive a baby!

The Blue Line represents the hormone estrogen that increases in your body before you ovulate - and causes the ferning patterns viewable in dry saliva samples. As the blue line rises, indicating an estrogen surge, so increases the intensity of ferning patterns, indicating that ovulation is about to take place - or is already taking place.

Notice how the blue line increases earlier than the green line? The green line is LH - or luteinizing hormone. Lh ovulation (urine) tests tell you when you are going to ovulate just a day or two before ovulation happens. Fertile Focus can alert you to when you will ovulate up to several days before peak fertility!

Click here for Fertile-Focus FAQ

Fertile Focus Video Demo

Fertile Focus Demo Video To see a video demo of Fertile Focus, click here.
(To download file, right-click with mouse and choose "save target as")

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